Modelling JavaScript in Scala with Scala.js

Surely there’s something in JavaScript that Scala.js can’t handle? If there is, I’ve not found it yet. Each time I’ve faced some JavaScript obstacle I’ve been overjoyed to find an answer in Scala.js.

In this post I’ll highlight 3 features from Scala.js 1.x that I’ve recently used to dig myself out of a hole. The features are: representing JavaScript global scope values, importing Node modules, and working with JavaScript’s this.

The common thread is that these features let you safely model JavaScript concepts in Scala.

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Tips for working with FS2

The streaming library fs2 has had major improvements in their latest release (v0.10), and libraries like Http4s v0.18 have adopted this newest version. As you work more with fs2 and Http4s there are some things you should be aware of, as they will make the journey easier. Specifically, we will look at how to work with flatMap in Streams and at Topics, along some minor comments on fs2 Streams. Those are some hints which I, as someone not very familiar with fs2 at the time, wish I had known sooner.

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A look at Scorex: a Scala blockchain framework

After slowly gaining visibility for the past few years, in 2017 cryptocurrencies and ‘the blockchain’ in general have suddenly gone from something ‘you may want to keep an eye on’ to something that you ignore at your peril, such is their claimed disruptive potential. Or maybe not—but the interest is certainly skyrocketing.

When I learned of Scorex, the self-described modular blockchain framework written in Scala, my interest was piqued. Scorex’s mission statement is to enable easier blockchain experimentation and prototyping through abstraction. This is attempted by trying to modularise the various building blocks that make up a working blockchain system.

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Announcing Scala with Cats

Cats, as we all know, are purrveyors of the finest in internet culture. With the advent of Typelevel’s Cats they also provide a solid functional foundation for your Scala codebase. And, with the release of Cats 1.0.0-RC1 comes version 1.0.0-RC1 of our long-awaited and recently-rebranded book, Scala with Cats. Take a peek at the first physical copy after the break!

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Newsletter 17: Season for Giving Edition

The festive season is fast approaching and we’re rushing to pack the Underscore sledge with awesome presents for all the nice Scala developers out there. In this newsletter we have discounts and previews for Scala Exchange, discounts for our upcoming Advanced Scala course, some exciting news about the Advanced Scala book, and an adventure into the world of audio production.

Are you as intrigued I? Read on, dear friend, read on…

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