Talks from Team Underscore at Scala Exchange

Team Underscore will be out in force at Scala Exchange, and as usual we have a fine selection of talks for your perusal. Come along, see what we have to say, and catch us between the talks to chat about you favourite topic in Scala or functional programming!

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Talks to Watch Out For at Scala Exchange

Scala Exchange is only a month away and excitement is building at Underscore HQ. We thought we’d write a series of posts about our involvement with the conference. Watch this space over the coming weeks for announcements and Scalax-related content, and subscribe to the newsletter to take advantage of some upcoming promotions and discounts.

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Getting Into Other People's Code

A formal code review involves taking a good look at other people’s code. For some, trying to grok strange code is agony. But I like it.

We’ve experienced enough reviews to have developed an approach to getting into an alien code base. In this post I’ll outline the key items to focus on.

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Uniting Church and State: FP and OO Together

This is a post about church and state, and how we can unite the two for a better world, while avoiding unfortunate side effects.

Political metaphors aside, this really is a post about Church—Alonzo Church—and how we can use his idea of Church encoding to unite pure FP and imperative OO to achieve, if not a better world, at least better code.

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Newsletter 16: It's Book Time!


Greetings from Copenhagen on the eve of Scala Days. In this newsletter I have a few things to talk about… conference talks, training, type tetris, and—oh—making all of our books free and open source.

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