Newsletter 15: New Events in the New Year


At the end of last year we ran a Christmas sale to raise money for charity. In this edition we have the results of that sale, and also the details of three events we’re running in the upcoming months, in LA and Seattle.

Charity Donations!

At the end of last year we promised to give all profits from book sales till the start of 2017 to charity. Thanks to your generosity we have raised about $2700/£2200 through sales of our ebooks and the printed version of the Shapeless Guide (we don’t yet know the exact figure due to processing fees and currency conversion fluctuations.) We’ve decided to match funding, so will be donating £2200 each to Amnesty and MSF. Yay!

Essential Scala and Shapeless in LA

We’re holding two events in LA at the end of the month: a three day Essential Scala course, and a free evening workshop on Shapeless. Both events are being hosted by our buddies at Nordstromrack / Hautelook in their downtown LA office.

Essential Scala is our course for the working Scala developer who wants to learn the best parts of Scala to write code that is type safe, modular, and extensible. The curriculum covers three main patterns:

  • algebraic data types and structural recursion, for straightforward representation and transformation of data respectively;
  • sequencing computations with map, flatMap, and fold; and
  • type classes, for highly modular and extensible interfaces.

The course spends two days covering the foundational patterns, and a full day at the end dedicated to case studies. This is a great opportunity to apply the course material to real problems you’re working on, with the help of our expert instructor.

The evening Shapeless workshop will provide a gentle introduction to this powerful library. The talk is aimed at intermediate Scala developers and is completely free.

Full details, including signup for both events, are here.

ScalaBridge in Seattle

In February we’re running at ScalaBridge event in Seattle, hosted by the wonderful people at Marchex. ScalaBridge is building an inclusive Scala community with introductory programming workshops for underrepresented groups in technology. We’ve been interested in this sort of outreach since we started Creative Scala two years ago, so we’re really happy to be involved with ScalaBridge. Full details are here.


Just one new opening on the job board this month: a junior / intermediate position at Encodex in Nuremberg, Germany.


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