Functional Media Roundup: Quality Counts

This week saw our second Functional Media event, Quality Counts. We had some great speakers (plus myself) and a lively panel discussion afterwards.

  • Malcolm Sparks (@malcolmsparks) of JUXT gave a talk on maintaining quality from a Clojure perspective;

  • Underscore’s own Richard Dallaway (@d6y) spoke about using types as constraints to lessen the burden on writing unit tests. Richard’s slides are available here.

  • Underscore’s own Dave Gurnell (@davegurnell) spoke about generative/property-based testing with a particular emphasis on ScalaCheck. Dave’s slides are available here.

Many thanks to our host and sponsor, ITV, for providing a great venue and refreshments for the event.

We had a lot of positive feedback about Functional Media and a plan for a third event is in the works. We want to arrange the talks and discussions that you want to hear, and we are actively looking for recommendations for speakers, so sign up on our Meetup page to get involved.

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