Newsletter 3

Last time we talked we were looking forward to Scala Days. Scala Days has been and gone now, and a rum time was had by all. If you couldn’t make it my writeup is online and all the talks are on Parleys. Here’s Dave’s excellent talk on macros and Miles and Jon’s humourous look back on Scala’s history.

Scala Exchange

Now that Scala Days has finished we are looking towards Scala Exchange. This year Underscore is running a programme to help get new speakers and attendees into the Scala community. For speakers we are providing:

  • help formulating a great talk proposal;
  • speaker training to get those ideas onto stage; and
  • assistance with writing the actual presentation.

All of this is free.

For speakers and attendees we are offering to part cover costs for travel, accommodation, and tickets.

The goal of the programme is to get new faces and voices at Scala Exchange. If you are the type of person who doesn’t typically attend conferences then we hope you’ll apply. If you know people who use Scala but aren’t part of the wider community we hope you’ll point them towards the program. Full details and application form are here.

The programme is only open for another week so get in quick.

On the Blog

We’ve written before about monad transformers. We have another post that describes a larger example taken from a real project. Monad transformers continue to find many uses in our work and are discussed in depth in our Essential Scalaz course.

Helping teams transition to Scala is one of the most common tasks we’re engaged for at the moment. There are many techniques we use to do this, one of them being code review. I’ve written some thoughts on when they are and aren’t appropriate which might be of interest if you’re considering adopting them.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed reading the newsletter, and do let me know if you have any suggestions for the next edition.


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