Introducing Inner Product

We’re very proud to introduce Inner Product, our sister consultancy serving the North American market. All of Underscore’s USA and Canadian work will gradually transition to Inner Product. For our customers this should mean no disruption in service, as many of the same people from Underscore also work with Inner Product. The only difference is Inner Product will be better able to serve our customers on the other side of the Atlantic.

Underscore’s business has steadily grown, and our business in North America has been a significant part of this. As we’ve grown so have the challenges serving the USA and Canada from the UK, where Underscore is based. Legal and financial differences create many obstacles, which while surmountable made it more difficult for our clients to work with us.

It was clear that forming a business based in the USA would alleviate the issues we faced. At the same time, not all of us at Underscore wanted to take on the additional complexity that running a North American business would entail.

Given the situation the clear solution was to create a new company. This new company is Inner Product LLC. Whilst a separate company, that is not owned by Underscore, Inner Product is closely related to Underscore. It’s principals are Noel Welsh, who remains a partner at Underscore, and Adam Rosien, who has long worked at Underscore.

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