Typelevel Summits

What a start to the year: the Typelevel summits are coming! The call for papers is now open, you can buy tickets for yourself and others. There are bursaries available for speakers and attendees. This post explains all…

What is Typelevel?

Typelevel is an inclusive and welcoming ecosystem of projects focusing on typeful functional programming in Scala. The projects include foundation libraries for functional programming concepts, though numeric libraries, to database frameworks.

It’s more than that, but that alone is a huge amount of useful and interesting free and open source software to get into.

What are the Summits?

There will be two conferences:

These events are not just for project contributors. One of the goals of Typelevel is to make the projects more widely accessible, so we want to encourage participation from people who are new to Typelevel.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Typelevel projects, and chat to the people involved.


You can buy tickets now for the Philadelphia event.

If the ticket price (US$60) and travel costs are too high, consider applying for support.


Underscore is one of the sponsors supporting Typelevel. What Typelevel is doing is super important for Scala.

You, or your company, can get involved:


If you know someone who should be sharing their experience at the Summit, please encourage them to talk.

Speaker assistance is available to help firm-up a proposal for submission to the programme committee. And, if accepted, there will be further support and speaker training available.

There’s more on this, and how to apply, in Dave’s blog post on the Typelevel site. Click on that link now.

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