Talks from Team Underscore at Scala Exchange

Team Underscore will be out in force at Scala Exchange, and as usual we have a fine selection of talks for your perusal. Come along, see what we have to say, and catch us between the talks to chat about you favourite topic in Scala or functional programming!

Miles Sabin – Shapeless is Dead, Long Live Shapeless!

This one wins my award for the most tantalising talk title of 2017. Miles will be talking about the work he’s been doing with Lightbend on scalac and how it affects powerful paradigms like generic programming and type class derivation. In my opinion this is one of the most important areas of advancement in Scala. One to watch, for sure!

Noel Welsh – Church versus State

Noel will show how object-oriented programming and functional programming are related by a simple transformation known as the Church encoding. This clever approach gives us a unifying model to really use Scala’s functional-object hybrid nature in a consistent way. And I’m sure the talk will, as ever, be packed with jokes in Noel’s signature irreverent style.

Kingsley Davies and Pere Villega – Understanding Blockchain

Kingsley and Pere will be mounting the tower of tech hype around Blockchain and helping us appreciate the benefits and challenges it poses. They’ll present blockchains as an evolution of event sourcing with the addition of multi master capabilities and anonymity of participants. They’ll cover the technical, business and ethical challenges in implementing a blockchain as discussion points against a Scala blockchain reference implementation.

Dave Gurnell – Away with the Types!

Ok. I’ll admit that the title is a bit click-baity. I still love types, don’t worry :)

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