Newsletter 2

It’s been a busy month for Underscore. We’ve seen a lot of different clients but one constant is that everyone has difficulty hiring. Scala is hot right now and demand outstrips supply. So how do you find Scala developers? I’ve put some together some thoughts on how to hire more effectively. Have some war stories or tips about hiring? Add them as comments to the post.

Functional Media

The next edition of our Functional Media meetup is on May 19th, with a presentation on the Argonaut JSON library.


You can catch 3 hours of Scala training in June at the Devoxx UK conference. It’s a great chance to get a quick introduction to Scala at a very reasonable price, and the rest of the conference looks very interesting.

If you’re thinking of going, the promo code SPK10C5 will get you 10% off.

Scala Days

The Underscore flop-house has been booked, and Scala Days is looking to be truly legendary. See you there!


http4s is one of the more interesting libraries I’ve seen of late. It’s essentially an HTTP library for wrapping scalaz-stream libraries. Regular readers will remember I’m interested in scalaz-stream as a tool for single machine concurrency, so having an option to easily wrap streams in an HTTP front-end is very interesting. The built-in support for WebSockets is something that not a lot of framework do a good job with.


Finally, if you read one link from this newsletter make it the README from RedEyes. It simply contains the best elucidation of the applicative functor that I’ve read anywhere.

Hope you enjoyed read this. Till next time.


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