Newsletter 13: Christmas Loot Edition


It’s almost Christmas! If I’ve learned one thing about the true meaning of Christmas from my children, it’s that it’s about loot—preferrably big piles of it—and the anticipation of said loot. If you feel similarly, and are hoping for something Scala themed under the tree, you might want to pass this newsletter on to your significant other and skip the italicized paragraph below. If you are the significant other (or want to treat yourself at Christmas, which I’m not ashamed to admit I do) read on!

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Back to your regularly scheduled newsletter!

Last time we were thinking ahead to Scala Exchange. That’s now been and gone, and a fun time was had by all! There are a few items that might be of interest to you:

  • Our roundup of the highlights from Scala Exchange;
  • I gave a two-hour workshop on building interpreters in Scala (think free monads etc.) and the material is now online
  • Dave gave a two-hour workshop on Slick. If you couldn’t make it, Dave has gone the extra mile and recorded a full screen-cast that you can watch instead!

Unrelated to Scala Exchange, we also have a blog post about tut, the documentation tool we’re using to remove errors from the code samples in our books.


Only two new jobs since last time.

Tozny, in Portland OR, are looking for server-side Scala developers to work on their innovative security products. Tozny is a spin-out from Galois, which has an excellent reputation for applying cutting-edge CS research to solve tough problems. They are accepting any level of experience, so this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants a role that will really stretch them.

Data Reply in London are looking for a big data engineer. So if Kafka, Cassandra, or Hadoop is your thing, take a look. This job is looking for junior or intermediate developers—it’s great to see so many Scala positions for juniors opening up!

I wanted to keep this edition short-and-sweet as I think we all have our minds on other things right now. Enjoy your holidays and we’ll talk in the new year!


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