Essential Slick Feature Complete and Review Copies Available

All the chapters for Essential Slick have been completed and are updated for Slick 3. We’re now also making some copies available for review.

What’s New?

When we started writing Essential Slick, Slick 2.1 was out and work was progressing on Slick 2.2. The 2.2 version turned out to be a large change—so large that it became Slick 3. It really was a big change, but we’ve caught up: Essential Slick now covers Slick 3 (it’s for 3.1 as well as 3.0).

The latest addition to the book has been to add a chapter on action combinators. These allow you to combine multiple queries into a single, runnable action, possibly making choices based in the results of other queries. This is an important part of Slick, and it deserved a chapter to itself.

We’re still marking the book as “Early Access” until we get rid of all the typos. But we’re “feature complete”.

But even if you’re still using Slick 2 (I’ve been working on a project that does), Essential Slick can help. We bundle a version of the book for Slick 2 with the Essential Slick downloads. So you get both.

Blog Review Copies

We’re also trying something new. If you have a blog, and can write a review, we’ll send you a free copy of Essential Slick.

If that appeals, take a look at the details on the sign up form.

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