Essential Essential Scala at Hack the Tower

I ran an updated version of our Essential Essential Scala workshop (E2S) at Hack the Tower.

E2S is a one-day crash course in Scala for programmers of all backgrounds. The content is based on our commercial Essential Scala course, which teaches as much about developing a functional programming mindset as it does writing Scala code. The slides and exercises are open source, and we’re happy to run regular free workshops to get new people into the Scala community.

Hack the Tower provided an excellent background and audience for the event. The view from the 27th floor of the Heron Tower was simultaneously spectacular and terrifying – here’s a photograph as proof…

Scala in progress at Hack the Tower

The material went down well with the crowd, who had a diverse background of Java, Python, PHP, and other languages. We got through almost everything inside of five hours but skipped some of the last section (on generics) to keep to time. I got some nice feedback at the end, too – here’s an example (thanks Ruth – cheque’s in the post):

Thanks to Andy Hicks and John Stevenson for hosting me at Hack the Tower. We plan on re-using E2S to promote Scala for free at any conferences and meetups we can. Contact us on Twitter if you’d like us to come and talk about Scala in your area!

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