Lift Cookbook

The two main web frameworks for Scala are Play and Lift. You’ve perhaps seen that we run Play training, but we’re fortunate to have plenty of experience with Lift too.

Around 18 months ago I started a publishing recipes about the Lift web framework: you want to achieve that, then do this, and here’s why. It’s a format I find useful, and figured others would too.

That writing has now joined the set of Scala texts at O’Reilly:

Lift Cookbook cover

Lift Cookbook: Recipes from the Community for Building Web Applications with Scala

Much of the content comes from experiences of building Lift applications, and from the great questions and answers on the Lift mailing list.

If you’ve not heard of Lift before, it a productive framework with an emphasis on the real-time web and security. I’ve explained some of the appeal in guest post for Josette Garcia’s site about all things tech.

If it’s code you want, I’ve introduced Lift in a series of three posts too.

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