Our Talks from 2019

This post collects together our talks from 2019. Below you’ll find presentations covering mentoring and teaching, ethics in tech and what you can do, plus type class derivation changes on their way in Scala 3. Enjoy!

Effective Ethics for Busy People

Kingsley Davies, QCon London

Kingsley talks about how Good Tech Conf came about and gave tons of suggestions and ideas for how to become more ethical in work and life.

“Be brave, be optimistic, try to change things as best you can. If you can’t change things, maybe pivot into something else or get collaborators to try and help you push the van and try and change things with you.”

Techniques for Teaching Scala

Noel Welsh, Scala Days, Lausanne

Do not miss: this is Noel sharing a decade of teaching experience. Take his five tips and run with them when mentoring your team.

The Shape(less) of Type Class Derivation in Scala 3

Miles Sabin, Scala Days, Lausanne

So much has changed since Miles spoke at the first Scala Days. Here at the tenth anniversary, he gives an update on the state-of-the-art in Dotty, and what we can look forward to in Scala 3.

“I’ve also used this process as being a fantastic opportunity to really sit down and take a fresh look at how type class derivation should work in Scala”

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