Newsletter 14: Closing the Book on 2016


It’s the Underscore newsletter! It has be a long time since the last one—for which I apologise—but now is not the time to dwell on the past. In this edition we’re letting you know about printed copies of our Guide to Shapeless and a hefty discount on our ebooks, in addition to the usual rundown of goings on. Also note that from now until 2017 we’re donating all income from book sales to charity.

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Type lambdas and kind projector

Scala developers might have heard of “type lambdas”, a fairly horrendous-looking construction that sometimes appears in code using higher-kinded types. What is a type lambda, why would we ever want to use one, and even better, how can we avoid having to write them? In this blog post we tackle these questions.

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Value Discarding

Scala includes a feature called “value discarding”. This interacts in possibly surprising ways when combining functions that side effect. In this post we’ll look at an example, and describe ways to work safely with value discarding.

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Scala and 22

Back in 2014, when Scala 2.11 was released, an important limitation was removed: “Case classes with > 22 parameters are now allowed”. This may lead you to think there are no 22 limits in Scala, but that’s not the case. The limit lives on in functions and tuples. This post explores the limit, looks at an example from Slick, and notes two ideas for what you can do about it.

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Giving a First Talk

Underscore is supporting new speakers at Scala eXchange. Last year, Danielle Ashley gave her first Scala eXchange talk, and in this guest post, she writes about her experiences.

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