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Probabilistic Programming in Scala

At the Typelevel Summit in Philadelphia I gave a talk about probabilistic programming, which I have recently been exploring. Probabilistic programming combines two great research areas that go great together—functional programming and machine learning (specifically, Bayesian inference). In this blog post I’ll attempt to explain the basic ideas behind probabilistic programming. I’m assuming you, dear reader, skew more towards programming than statistics, but are not afraid of numbers. Hence I’ll concentrate more on the programming than the machine learning side of things here.

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Scala.js is Important for Cloud Services

More people are using serverless architectures than I would have guessed, and they are getting significant benefits from doing so. Scala is a great fit for these kinds of architectures because it can use the JVM and, thanks for Scala.js, JavaScript runtimes too. This post is a small observation regarding this.

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Scala and AWS Lambda Blueprints

AWS Lambda is a service that allows you deploy a function to the web. There are no servers to maintain, and billing is based on the compute time your function uses.

At the end of 2015, Amazon launched a set of AWS Lambda blueprints to help developers get up and running with Lambda. These consists of Python and JavaScript examples, based around integrating with Slack (“chat-based DevOps”, in their words).

But Amazon omitted to mention the JVM. This post fills the gap and shows you how to use AWS Lambda with Scala and Slack.

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