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Rethinking Online Training

Since the beginning on the year we have been rebuilding the online version of Essential Scala around studio style learning. We delivered Essential Scala online last year, but found the result unsatisfactory. We taught the course in a similar way to our onsite version, and it didn’t survive the transition from face-to-face to online communication. We realised we needed to radically change the course to take advantage of the different medium. We are really excited by the result, and think it will offer a much better experience for our students.

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Diversity in Training

It’s no secret that the computing industry in general, and the Scala community in particular, has an issue with diversity.

Last year we took a small step to improve the situation, with our diversity programme for Scala Exchange. This year we want to go further. We are starting by offering training at half price for diversity candidates.

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Code Review at Scala eXchange

I normally give talks about something technical: “Look! A thing we did!”. But this talk, from Scala eXchange, was different. It’s really about Scala team experiences we’ve had over the last couple of years.

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