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Creative Scala: A New Introduction to Scala

We are excited to announce the release of a new book and training course—Creative Scala. Creative Scala is an introduction to Scala designed for people with no previous experience of Scala or functional programming. The name comes from the course content, which is based around the functional drawing library we’ve been working on for the online version of Essential Scala.

The best part? Creative Scala is 100% free!

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Designing Fail-Fast Error Handling

In this post I want to explore the design space for error handling techniques in Scala. We previously posted about some basic techniques for error handling in Scala. That post generated quite a bit of discussion. Here I want to expand the concepts Jonathon introduced by showing how we can systematically design a mechanism for error handling, introduce some moderately advanced techniques, and discuss some of the tradeoffs.

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Error Handling Without Throwing Your Hands Up

Error handling is an issue that often comes up in our reviews. Different programs have different goals with respect to error handling. In a simple script it might be acceptable to just crash if an error occurs. The techniques we are showing here are for high reliability programs, where we want to ensure we handle a selected set of errors.

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Rethinking Online Training

Since the beginning on the year we have been rebuilding the online version of Essential Scala around studio style learning. We delivered Essential Scala online last year, but found the result unsatisfactory. We taught the course in a similar way to our onsite version, and it didn’t survive the transition from face-to-face to online communication. We realised we needed to radically change the course to take advantage of the different medium. We are really excited by the result, and think it will offer a much better experience for our students.

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