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Why 3×5 is and isn't 5×3

I recently saw this image, taken from a maths test.

The student has been asked to represent 5×3 in terms of repeated addition. They have written 5+5+5. The teacher has marked this as incorrect and given 3+3+3+3+3 as the correct answer. Like many people, when I first saw this I thought the teacher was clearly wrong. After a bit of thought I realised they were correct, and after still more thought I realised this question raises a whole lot of interesting points.

So why isn’t 3×5 the same as 5×3?

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SBT Tricks

We all pick up SBT tricks: the settings, commands, or clues we wish we’d figured out earlier. This post contains a section of some we use at Underscore. What lesser-known tricks do you make use of?

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Late Binding and Overloading in Scala

In a recent training course I was asked if Scala supports static or dynamic polymorphism. These are not terms I had heard before, so I had some homework to do. A bit of research showed this terminology refers to the same thing as early and late binding, which I’m more familiar with. So, here we have a quick discussion of early binding (or static polymorphism) and late binding (or dynamic polymorphism), and how it relates to Scala’s polymorphic methods and overloading.

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