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Newsletter 4

Noel here with the Underscore newsletter. Two main points this time: Scala Exchange, which you’ll want to attend if you can get to London in December, and some developments in our training courses, including our first public training courses in many months.

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Essential Essential Scala at Hack the Tower

I ran an updated version of our Essential Essential Scala workshop (E2S) at Hack the Tower.

E2S is a one-day crash course in Scala for programmers of all backgrounds. The content is based on our commercial Essential Scala course, which teaches as much about developing a functional programming mindset as it does writing Scala code. The slides and exercises are open source, and we’re happy to run regular free workshops to get new people into the Scala community.

Hack the Tower provided an excellent background and audience for the event. The view from the 27th floor of the Heron Tower was simultaneously spectacular and terrifying – here’s a photograph as proof…

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New Speakers at Scala Exchange

The Scala Exchange program is (mostly) up, meaning we can comment on the effectiveness of our diversity programme aimed at getting new speakers into the conference. (Note the program is also open to new attendees, so if you’d like assistance attending Scala Exchange just follow the link above and fill in the application form.)

All up we had 17 applications from people who wanted shepherding for a talk proposal. Of these 14 submitted a talk proposal, giving new speakers approximately 20% of all proposals. Of these 14 proposals, 9 have currently been selected to present (with a few more in a waitling list). This is a 64% success rate for new speakers in being selected, compared to 70% for other speakers, with new speakers making up 18.75% of all speaking slots.

There isn’t enough data to make strong statements about differences in acceptance rates between new and experienced speakers. The data does suggest the rates are in the same region, and we’re very happy with this result. Read on to find out how we did it.

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Learn Shapeless, Find $500

I spent a few hours learning Shapeless and it made me $500.

At ScalaDays 2014, Originate ran a competition to implement a simple stack-oriented (aka concatenative) language. The competition hit all three points on my “interesting competition” scoring metric:

  • the subject matter is intrinsically interesting to me;
  • I thought I could implement a basic solution quite quickly; and
  • there were clear avenues to expand the solution if I found time.

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