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Scala and AWS Lambda Blueprints

AWS Lambda is a service that allows you deploy a function to the web. There are no servers to maintain, and billing is based on the compute time your function uses.

At the end of 2015, Amazon launched a set of AWS Lambda blueprints to help developers get up and running with Lambda. These consists of Python and JavaScript examples, based around integrating with Slack (“chat-based DevOps”, in their words).

But Amazon omitted to mention the JVM. This post fills the gap and shows you how to use AWS Lambda with Scala and Slack.

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Typelevel Summits

What a start to the year: the Typelevel summits are coming! The call for papers is now open, you can buy tickets for yourself and others. There are bursaries available for speakers and attendees. This post explains all…

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Newsletter 13: Christmas Loot Edition


It’s almost Christmas! If I’ve learned one thing about the true meaning of Christmas from my children, it’s that it’s about loot—preferrably big piles of it—and the anticipation of said loot. If you feel similarly, and are hoping for something Scala themed under the tree, you might want to pass this newsletter on to your significant other and skip the italicized paragraph below. If you are the significant other (or want to treat yourself at Christmas, which I’m not ashamed to admit I do) read on!

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Video from the Slick Workshop at Scala Exchange 2015

My workshop at Scala Exchange was entitled “Essential Slick: Hands-On with Slick 3”. In my experience, Slick is routinely difficult for new Scala developers to pick up. This workshop provides a broad, brief introduction to the main concepts in the library, with more in-depth information available in Richard and Jonathan’s book. You can find a video of the talk and links to the code samples after the break:

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