We are a global Scala and functional programming consultancy

We provide world class software development, consulting, and training services, built on a strong functional core.

We build fast, scalable software

Data engineering

Putting data into the hands of analysts and data scientists... fast!

Web and cloud

Scalable, secure web apps and services, built using cloud infrastructure.

Distributed systems

Fast software taken to light speed with distributed and parallel computing.

We have a team of very talented developers, but having Underscore coach and guide us has been invaluable. It gave us confidence that we were doing things the right way.

Ed Leatherbury, Boomtown

We also do consultancy and training

Code review

Our Review & Improve service combines code review with practical advice. It gives you assurance your team is on the right path and highlights any areas of potential concern.


Scala's unique blend of programming concepts requires a unique teaching style. Our range of training courses teaches your developers how to think like functional programmers.


Help your team deliver faster by giving them access to expert knowledge and experience. Mentoring pairs your developers with our experts on an ongoing basis.

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