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Duration: 1 day

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This one-day course is aimed at Scala developers who want to understand how to build applications with the Lift web framework. Lift is different from other web frameworks, and with the help of this course you can save significant time getting up to speed.


To benefit from this course you will need to know the fundamentals of the Scala language. We recommend Underscore’s Essential Scala as the perfect complement to this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how Lift applications are structured
  • Learn how to work productively when building Lift applications
  • Explore features of Lift via workshop exercises

Table of Contents

  • Orientation
    • The structure of a Lift application
    • The basics up and running
  • REST
    • Building a REST API
    • Working with JSON
    • The Lift pipeline and locking down resources
  • Database access
    • Working with Squeryl for RDBMSs or
    • Rogue and MongoDB
  • View first approach
    • Snippets and CSS bindings
    • Ajax
    • Comet Actors
  • Lift 3
    • Working with JavaScript promises
  • Deployment considerations
    • Packaging and configuration
    • Stateful and stateless applications