As the R&D Team Leader at Riskified you will lead a talented group of experienced developers in creating mission critical, real-time events processing infrastructure and services.

The Team’s services are responsible for processing millions of events daily from multiple public APIs, providing data validation logic, events lifecycle, running complex business rules in real-time and smart error handling and recovery procedures.

We are looking for a R&D Team Leader with a passion for scale, performance engineering, availability, microservices, and clean code who is ready to tackle complex technological challenges, with high interest in our business and a proactive approach to constant improvement and problem solving.

The ideal candidate will use their expertise in development, large-scale systems, and will be able to design, code, and maintain high performance and available services.

At Riskified, we review millions of transactions per day and make very fast decisions that are part of our customers’ critical business flow. We collect and analyze terabytes of textual, behavioral, social, geographical, and other types of data, and use machine learning algorithms to create the world’s best fraud detection system. We believe that our talented and brilliant developers are the key to a scalable and innovative product. We work in small teams, enabling each developer to have a significant impact on our customers’ payment flow and risk management.

We use an interesting and mixed technology stack that supports our data pipeline, model training, and decision-making engine (Scala, Akka Stream, Kafka, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift), as well as, merchant-facing and operational applications (Ruby on rails, Angular) and scalable infrastructure (Micro Services, Docker, Kubernetes).

Our Stack

Scala, Ruby, AWS, Kubernetes, Kafka, Docker, Elastic stack, Redshift, Kinesis, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, and more


  • Design, build, and manage Riskified’s next-generation real-time services, addressing growing scale and microservices architecture
  • Translate business and product goals to high quality products
  • Lead and mentor a team of Engineers that each play a key role in planning and executing our product roadmap
  • Own the team’s services end-to-end ensuring that we are highly available to our customers and support their critical flows
  • Interact with product, business, and other teams at Riskified
  • Manage a complicated re-architecture and redesign process of a mission critical service


  • 3+ years as Team Leader for a mission critical team
  • 5+ years of proven hands-on production-grade development experience on a JVM based Scala/Java/Closure system
  • M.Sc/B.Sc in Computer Science
  • High standards for code quality, testing, and performance
  • 1+ years of experience with a functional programming language (Scala, Haskell, ML, F#) - strong advantage
  • Ruby – advantage
  • Microservices – advantage
  • Interaction with product managers – advantage

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