We are looking for a seasoned Big Data developer available to work in London, starting ASAP.

IMPORTANT We need someone who is experienced, who can help challenge the approach and contribute new ideas. This is not a ‘learn on the job’ role!


  1. Significant scala expertise in a Big Data environment (i.e. you have written and maintained production pipelines, processing large datasets).
  2. Commitment to test-driven development (TDD), evidenced by using it a lot professionally and being able to explain benefits from practical experience, not book theory.
  3. Good Spark experience (dataframes on 2.0)

Other signals you are the right person:

  • Good SQL skills
  • Reasonable Python skills
  • Unix command line

In this role you will join us as a consultant and be deployed onto a project with our client who is a leading UK brand working with some huge datasets. The pipelines you develop will support industry-leading, cutting-edge use cases.

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