We are keenly focused on providing excellent products and experiences to our users. As a software engineer at Goodlord you will work within a cross-functional product team to build the software that a majority of agents, tenants, and landlords will use in our modern tenancy industry.

Much of the technical challenge in our domain comes from the architectural complexity of comfortably supporting the myriad features necessary to satisfy the broad needs of our customers. To keep things simple we favour functional solutions and use Scala on the back-end and functionally-minded tools and patterns on the front-end.

Perhaps you explore programming ideas in your own side projects, contribute to the community, or speak at events. Or, whatever it is, we’ll be interested in hearing about it

We are looking for bright engineers who can demonstrate strong technical skills and experience to join our team.


  • Lead the design and implementation of features using Scala, Akka, Cats, etc.
  • Maintain and deploy well-tested software in a continuous delivery environment (incl. participating in design and code reviews)
  • Work within and contribute to a cross-functional product team and manage individual commitments to a high standard

Skills and Qualifications

  • Minimum
    • BSc/MSc Computer Science or related technical field (or equivalent experience)
    • 3+ years Scala experience (ideally from the functional end)
    • Solid grasp of functional programming concepts
    • High proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Preferred
    • Strong functional programming skills and experience
    • Experience with multiple architectures and languages

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