We are hiring a Sr. Software Engineer to join the Miu development team as part of the Capital Markets Group. Miu is a portfolio management platform developed for the purpose of assessing risk associated with insurance-linked securities such as catastrophe bonds, industry loss warranties, excess mortality bonds, swaps or reinsurance contracts. It is used by investors around the globe to apply sophisticated portfolio management practices within this asset class. The original Miu application is developed as a desktop application and we are re-writing it as a cloud-based portfolio management application. The new application is based on AngularJS, Play, Scala, Akka, and Spark stack.

Objective of the Software Engineer

This is a hands-on development position playing a key role in designing and developing the future of Miu, as well as participating in all aspects of an iterative software development process. You will work with all departments ranging from product management, client support, and sales team and bring your problem solving skills to help solve critical business functions. You will be working on the entire stack of the application ranging from user interface, services and data storage.

Key Accountabilities & Deliverables

Collaborate with team members to develop application infrastructure components, following coding, documentation and design standards Participate in requirements analysis to be able to effectively construct technical solution. We rely on you to be up to date with latest technologies both front-end and backend. We are on constantly assessing new technologies and more efficient techniques to problem solving. Quick and eagerness to learning should be your second nature. The hunger to learning new technologies should be churning within you!

Experience Required:

  • Strong understanding on algorithm and data structure.
  • Strong understanding on Object Oriented concept and relational database.
  • Comfortable and demonstrate proficiency in OOP language such as Java or C++.
  • Comfortable and demonstrate proficiency in functional programming concepts, particularly in Scala.
  • Experience with DevOps / Infrastructure, particularly on AWS.
  • Experience with Microservices-based architectures.
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to convey complex ideas to others in a concise and clear manner.
  • BS/MS Degree in Computer Science or related engineering or mathematical field


  • Strong mathematical skills in algorithmic computations, statistics and probability.
  • Good understanding on distributed and cloud computing.
  • Experience working on Play as web services framework.
  • Experience working with Akka or Spark.
  • Experience working on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX, JQuery, JSON.

About RMS

Did you know there’s a 5% chance that a hurricane will cause $60 billion of insured losses next year? And there’s a 1% chance that an earthquake will cause $50 billion of insured loss in the next 12 months? We do. At RMS, we build the simulation models that allow insurers and investors to understand portfolio risks due to catastrophes: natural catastrophes (hurricane, earthquake, flood), terrorism, pandemic, and changes in life expectancy.

We are one of the most exciting and technologically sophisticated firms you’ve ‘never’ heard of, unless you’re one of our hundreds of clients in the (re)insurance, banking or hedge fund sector. We lead an industry we helped pioneer and ultimately our work makes a true impact on the world at large. How we understand and manage risk affects everybody and our passion is nothing less than creating a more resilient world through a better understanding of catastrophic events.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2014 and are now evolving our vision by delivering our cutting edge, cloud-based, risk management platform RMS(one). RMS(one) will create a holistic and integrated view of risk across the enterprise with one platform for all models, all points of view and all data.

To find out more, visit www.rms.com or follow us on Facebook or @rmsjobs on Twitter.

RMS is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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