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Core Scala Developer at ITV London

ITV are looking for a Scala Engineer to work within a cross functional team to deliver software that meets ITV Online’s business and operational requirements. ITV Online’s Scala practices lean heavily towards pure typed functional programming, and we make heavy use of libraries that support that endeavour such as Cats / Scalaz, Http4s, Circe and Doobie. Our Scala engineers are also encouraged to contribute to open source project

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Scala Developer at Springer Nature London

Springer Nature Digital are a diverse group working in self-managing cross-functional teams, who value collaboration and open debate. We publish industry leaving scientific journals and aim to offer a non-hierarchical environment where everyone can contribute meaningfully to the direction of the products and of the department. At the forefront of our beliefs are to continuously deliver high quality solutions to our customers, and to empower teams to accomplish this.

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