There has been a huge amount of activity around the Typelevel family of projects in the last eighteen months. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, but the arrival of Cats on the scene last year marked the beginning an exciting period of collaboration among the Typelevel projects and reaching out to the wider Scala community that hadn’t been possible before. Now, in mid-2016, we have had two Typelevel conferences and things are going from strength to strength. This talk will give a flavour of what has been going on: the collaborations between Algebra, Spire and Cats; between Cats and shapeless; between shapeless and scodec, doobie, ScalaCheck and Circe; and how all of this is feeding into the rebooted Typelevel Scala fork. It’s also an open invitation to people right across the Scala spectrum to get involved in these projects and see what they can do for them in their own work.

Where and When

This talk will be given by Miles Sabin at Scala Days Berlin in Berlin on 17 June 2016.