Advanced Scala with Scalaz is aimed at experienced Scala developers who want to take the next step in engineering robust and scalable systems. The course teaches five key abstractions of monoids, functors, monads, monad transformers, and applicative functors, using the implementations in the Scalaz library. Through a series of projects we show you how these abstractions can be used to engineer solutions to practical problems in data analysis, data validation, input parsing, error handling, and more.

The main goal of this course is to teach system architecture and design using the techniques of modern functional programming. This means designing systems as small composable units, expressing constraints and interactions via the type system, and using composition to guide the construction of large systems in a way that maintains the original architectural vision.

The course also serves as an introduction to the Scalaz library. We use abstractions from Scalaz, and we explain the structure of Scalaz so you can use it without fear in your own code base. The broad ideas are not specific to Scalaz, but Scalaz provides an excellent implementation that is beneficial to learn in its own right.

The course materials include the books Advanced Scala with Scalaz and Essential Interpreters. You will receive free updates to the books for their lifetime.


This course will be taught by Noel Welsh.

Where and When

The course will run for two days starting on Tue, Dec 08, 2015. It will be held immediately before Scala Exchange at:

wallacespace st pancras 22 Dukes Road London WC1H 9PN.

What You Need

You must have:

  • your own laptop with Scala installed; and
  • significant prior experience with Scala.

How Much

The two-day course is £999, or £799 for early bird tickets.

As usual, for diversity candidates tickets are half price.

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