In Advanced Scala we will be exploring advanced functional programming techniques, focusing on the concepts and use of abstractions from abstract algebra. We will spend the morning of this one day course “building the toolbox”, learning about core abstractions of monoids, monads, and applicative functors. In the afternoon we will undertake a case study applying our new knowledge to a practical example.

The course materials include the book Advanced Scala with Scalaz, along with supplementary material related to free monads. You will receive free updates to Advanced Scala with Scalaz for its lifetime.


This course will be taught by Noel Welsh.

Where and When

The course will run from 9AM to 5PM on Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at NCR Edinburgh:

10 Kittle Yards Causewayside Edinburgh EH9 1PJ.

What You Need

You must have:

  • your own laptop with Scala installed; and
  • significant prior experience with Scala.

How Much

The course is £500, or £400 for early bird tickets.

As usual, for diversity candidates tickets are half price.

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