Creative Scala is a free and fun introduction to Scala. It teaches the basic principles of Scala and functional programming through an exploration of computer graphics.

Two different types of people should attend:

  • those who have little or no Scala experience, but some experience with another language, and who want to learn the basics of Scala and functional programming; and
  • experienced Scala developers who want to assist with teaching.

We are currently working on the course material, and it will be released under a Creative Commons licence before the event. We will be using the Doodle library as the starting point for our exploration.

For Students

We will learn about composition and combinator libraries, two of the big ideas in functional programming. We will also learn the basic evaluation model for Scala, and how to use a good chunk of Scala’s features.

With this course we’re aiming for fun, so we’re going to have lots of time for exploration. We will have a number of projects of varying levels of complexity, and you can work your way through the projects at your own pace – or explore your own interests.

For Teaching Assistants

We are expecting a wide range of experience levels at this event. To allow people to get the most from the day we will divide the students into small groups of roughly the same level. We are hoping to have enough teaching assistants that we can assign one per group. Your job is to work closely with your group, clearing roadblocks such as syntax errors or a faulty mental model, so they can get as much out of the day as possible.

The material will all be quite basic from a Scala and functional programming perspective. If you have experience with Scala you should be able to turn up on the day without prior preparation. If you do want to do some preparation, until we get the course material online the best source is Doodle’s code.


This course will be taught by Noel Welsh with the assistance of members of the Scala community.

Where and When

The course will run from 9AM to 5PM on Sun, Mar 15, 2015.

It will be hosted by PagerDuty who are also generously sponsoring pizza and drinks:

501 Second St., #216 San Francisco, CA 94107.

What You Need

You must have:

  • a computer capable of running Scala.

You should have:

  • installed Scala; and
  • installed a text editor before the event.

If you run into difficulties installing software we will assist you at the event.

How Much

It’s completely free!

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