Our experience applied to your problems

When things aren’t running smoothly, use our technical Back on Track service. We investigate your technical problems and give you solutions.

Back on Track is right for you if your Scala project has encountered:

  • Reliability problems
  • JVM issues
  • Performance problems
  • Code that is hard to modify or maintain
  • Developer productivity issues

What you can expect

Our senior consultants will work with your team to understand your issues. We will identify concrete activities you can apply to remove the issue, or identify the root cause.

The deliverable is a short Action Report identifying:

  • Activities undertaken
  • A list of problems
  • A matching list of solutions
  • Recommended next steps

This is a fixed-price time-boxed activity to get you a result quickly. We investigate as much as we can in two days with your team, and produce a report within two days.