Review Early. Review Often.

Review & Improve gives you assurance your team is on the right path and highlights any areas of potential concern. It comprises a comprehensive code review leading to a Review Report, and ongoing support to address any issues found.

Start reviewing early to avoid accumulating bad practices and technical debt. Our Review Report highlights our findings and provides recommendations.

Review is only the start of a good quality process. Our Review & Improve service recognizes this by including hands-on assistance in the form of pull request reviews, pair programming, on-line Q&A, and deep-dives into specific topics.

What You Can Expect

Review & Improve is delivered in four phases:

  1. A conversation to understand your key concerns.
  2. A detailed code review leading to a Review Report.
  3. A discussion of the report leading to a Support Plan.
  4. One month of ongoing support from our consultants.

The Review Report is structured into three sections:

  • Main Findings—summarizing and explaining key concerns.
  • Recommendations—to address the findings.
  • Detailed Findings—to give your team specific examples from the code base.

The initial review takes two weeks from first discussion to report. Support averages one day per week (32 hours total). All activities are online unless otherwise agreed.