Growing Your Team

You want to hire great people, but it’s a challenge for all technologies currently, not just Scala. For organisations committed to building excellent teams, we believe the best approach is to grow Scala expertise internally.

Our Team Growth Planning service is an opportunity to assess your situation, your needs, and plans activities to help you grow consistently.

What you can expect

In this one day meeting, our senior consultants will work with you and your team to:

  • understand how you’re using Scala;
  • how you need to grow in terms of junior and senior levels;
  • discuss possible solutions; and
  • outline next steps.

The outcome is a plan of activities that could include:

  • establishing internal onboarding
  • team training
  • enhancing your team for a short period

The goal is to help you become self-sufficient in bringing on new team members and accelerating their development. Hiring is as fundamental as sales to a business, and by being able to grow without having to hire ready-made experience from the market, you can meet the needs of your business and develop the staff you will want to retain.