Automated Decision Making

Goodlord make renting simple and transparent

Goodlord’s product lets landlord and tenants set up tenancies online. “By digitising the pre-tenancy process, Goodlord eliminates complications, paperwork and inefficiencies to move the rental process more in line with the expectations of a generation that expects to complete purchases, order take-aways and hail a taxi using their phone in seconds.”

Rapid growth and complex decision making

Markel Palmstierna, Goodlord Director of Operations, describes the problem and Underscore’s involvement:

“Goodlord were faced with the problem of having a complex criteria for whether someone passed referencing or not, taking a lot of skilled manual work which sometimes resulted in errors. The project undertaken by Underscore was to automate the decision making process for whether someone passed referencing according to a set criteria, given input of referencing data.

This was previously a process that took up over 30% of the whole Referencing team’s time. It was also the most complex part of the process so a worker had to be trained up for almost 3 months to become fully qualified to perform these tasks. For such a rapidly growing company, Goodlord needed a way to automate this decision making process to make it easily scalable, and eliminate errors.”

Working with Underscore

“Underscore were extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their great flexibility meant there were meetings in our offices once every two weeks. The final product was delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule and allowed us to move onto something different for the final 3 weeks. Their expertise meant the end result was a very usable piece of code that will now be implemented into different parts of our system, over and beyond the original scope!”

Increased productivity and cost savings

“Across the 4 sections that this tool aided the team, the productivity of the team increased by an average of 42%. These were incremental gains that we started to see, even after 3 weeks into the project! This has given Goodlord enormous time and cost savings, with the cost of the project almost being recouped in savings alone before the end of the 3 month contract!”

Goodlord’s experience with Underscore was thoroughly enjoyable, efficient, and lucrative! A great group of people to work with who took any problem in their stride and delivered the highest quality of work!

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