The goal of Creative Scala is to demonstrate the building blocks that Scala developers use to create programs in a clear, succinct, and declarative manner. Working through the exercises in the book should take a few hours, after which you will know the basics of programming in Scala and have a feel of how the functional programming mindset works.

The exercises in Creative Scala are based on a functional graphics library called Doodle. Although Doodle is primarily designed to make programming fun and creative, it is based on universal concepts that apply to all well-designed software written in a functional style.


One to two years’ experience with a programming language. No prior experience with Scala or functional programming is required.

Learning Outcomes

In just a few hours, this book gives you the basic mental model required to become competent with Scala, However, by the time you finish you won’t finish knowing everything you need to be self-sufficient. We recommend Essential Scala to continue your journey learning Scala.